Пользовательске соглашение

Agreement establishes the procedure and form of bilateral relations between PeopleDoo application users, the owner of the PeopleDoo application and third parties, providing services to users.registering in PeopleDoo application the User acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and fully agreed with the following terms and conditions of this Agreement.


Application (hereinafter referred to as the Application) – a mobile application, developed for mobile devices based on iOS and Android, being controlled by RENOVACIO LLC, registered and acting under the laws of the Ukraine, registered address: Enakievska 11a, Kharkiv, 61099, Ukraine (Platform Owner). is a website at www.peopledoo.com.ua and PeopleDoo Application, being controlled, managed and owned by RENOVACIO LLC, where the Service is provided. When mentioned herein, legal rights and responsibilities of the Platform are understood as rights and responsibilities of the software product owner, RENOVACIO LLC. is the services of placing personal information by the Platform user, exchange of this information with other users, placing the Platform users offer for their own services and products, services on interacting between users within the PeopleDoo application (inter alia advertising, promotion, placing and taking orders by Platform users), promotion and provision of different goods and services, which Platform Partners offer.are the persons, who are fully legally capable and confident, registered on the Platform as service providers and/or their customers, who agree with established rules and conditions of this Agreement, using all the Platform functions according to the established rules and conditions. Users may be service providers, guests and customers. provider is an authorized User, offering his/her/its services/products to other Users of the Application, placing an offer for his/her/its services/products on the Platform.is an unauthorized User, who has limited an access to the Application functions; the Guest has the access to search services and service providers within the application, and also view service provider’s profile; therewith, the Guest does not have the access to the history of his/her oders and feedback left.is an authorized Application User, who can search the service provider required, view his/her/its profile, as well as get enrolled to attend services; in addition, the Customer is entitled to look through the history of his/her oders and feedback left.is a third party, placing information on its services on the Platform and providing these services and products to Platform users under and within individual direct contracts between the Partner and the Platform (including as regards advertising, promotion etc.).


Platform Owner and Partners provide an online platform, on which users can place their services and products to be ordered, while other Platform users — book and order these services and products, use the services rendered by Platform Partners. ordering services and products via the Platform, Users enter direct (legally binding) contractual relations with the service provider whose service/product they are booking. From the time of booking the Platform acts only as an intermediary between the person booking the service/product and the service provider, transferring booking details to the respective service provider of the service/product (respective service providers) and sending an electronic booking confirmation on behalf of the service provider to the user who has booked a service/product. providing the Service the information given is based on the data, provided by service providers. The Platform is not liable for the reliability and accuracy of the data, provided by service providers and other Users, for their up-to-datedness and adequacy, does not guarantee absence of errors in the data provided by Users, full absence of failures and losses of the data when exchanging information through the Platform. The Platform is merely an intermediary between the Platform Users, closing direct contracts between them to render or be rendered services/products. have access to the data, placed by them on the Platform, have an opportunity to edit these data, and are fully individually responsible for updating the information on services/products they offer, prices and other information, displayed on the Platform. Platform individually identifies the minimum list of the data on the services/products, offered by service providers, which must be entered when a service provider is placing his/her/its offer on the Platform. Having input the minimum list of the data, the service provider is entitled to add extra data as to the offered services/products at its discretion. Platform is not and should not be considered advice or quality certificate, the level of services or the rating guarantor of any service provider, present on the Platform. As an assessment of the quality of services of each service provider the Platform offers an assessment system (rating). This assessment system operates based on independent feedback from Users, who were provided the services/product by a specific service provider. The Platform is not responsible for service provider’s rating formation, does not review Users’ feedback messages and service provider’s rating, and does not credit rating points individually.


prices of service provider’ services/products on the Platform are set by service providers themselves and must include all the taxes and duties of the region where these services/products are provided. service provider is personally responsible for the up-to-datedness and accuracy of the prices for his/her/its services/products. service provider is entitled to select itself a system of penalties for canceling booked service/product, untimely arrival of the Customer that ordered a service/product to collect it, and other Customer’s violations of the terms of their bilateral contract. The Platform is not a party that calculates and levies fines from parties, and does not directly benefit from calculating and paying these fines.


registering on the Platform and entering your personal data, Users agree to their acceptance, processing and storing on the Platform resources. The Platform does not transfer Users’ personal data to third parties except for the cases of Users’ ordering and receiving services/products from service provider, and placing service providers’ offers of their services/products. Platform is not responsible for the security of the data, transferred by Users to other Users through the Platform, as well as the data, transferred by Users to the Platform Partners.


Platform Service is free for Users. The Platform may offer optional paid services to Users, the list and terms of providing being indicated on the Platform. Partners’ services, offered on the Platform, are provided to Users as a public offer, placed by the Partner on the Platform and accepted by the User based on accepting the public offer. The Platform in this case only provides the required information on Partners’ services and conditions of their provision.


service provider and the User, who has ordered a service/product, individually select the way of payment for the provided service/purchased product. mutual agreement the service provider and the User, who has ordered a service/product, may change the conditions and terms of providing the service/product purchase. The Platform does not interfere with bilateral arrangements. providers may themselves select options out of those offered by the Platform for booking services/products, cancelation and/or changing the term/time of providing services/purchasing products, payment and refund for booked and/or purchased services/purchased products, the size of fines for canceling the booked service/purchased product, untimely arrival of the Customer, who ordered the service/product, to collect it, and other Customer’s violations of the terms of their bilateral contract.


from the service provider, Users accept and agree to the procedure of booking, canceling and transferring the time of providing the service/product, fines, imposed in case of canceling the booked service/product or the failure to have the service provided/collect the product. rules, related to the procedures of booking, booking cancelation or change of time of service provision/product collection are established by each service provider individually according to the options, offered by the Platform. The booking, booking cancelation and fines conditions, selected by the service provider, must be visible to Users in correspondent sections of the services/product offer of this service provider, placed on the Platform. User must attentively read all the conditions of providing services/product, established by the service provider in the offer, placed on the Platform. The service provider may establish additional limitations on providing services/product compared to those offered by the Platform. User may cancel booking using Platform tools.


registering on the Platform Users agree that the Platform will send them notices of their activities on booking services/products, changes in the Platform functions, Partners’ offers and other information and promotion notices. registering on the Platform using their accounts in social media or email users agree that the Platform will use the data provided by them for communication, accounting, analysis, mailing information and promotion messages. Platform is not liable for the content of the correspondence and communication between Users as well as between Users and Partners. Platform does not guarantee addressees’ reading the messages sent via the Platform and the acceptance of their conditions, fulfilment of requests etc. Platform does not guarantee due communication between Users, and between Users and Partners, in case they mentioned invalid contact details. claims or complaints against the Platform regarding the Service must be submitted within the shortest time possible, but not later than 30 days after the planned use of the product or service. Any claims or complaints, sent upon the expiry of the 30-day period, may be rejected, and the claiming party loses its right to any compensation (for any damages or delays). Platform is entitled to use User’s geolocation data to provide individual services, offered by the Platform. communication between Users through the Platform, is interpersonal and the Platform Owner is not responsible for it. Any correspondence, comments, feedback and Users’ ratings reflect their personal opinion and are not pre-moderated by the Platform Owner. confirm complaints and addresses regarding the Platform operations we advise to make respective screenshots of the Platform work, confirming User’s right. In case fault of the Platform is proven in terms of the failure for the User to get the booked services the responsibility of the Platform is limited by the price of this service but not more than 200 euros.


Platform provides all Users with all available functionality of the mobile application, including internal Platform tools without any limitations. Platform reserves the right to change and/or delete information and block accounts of the Users, in case they do not comply with the rules and conditions, established in this Agreement or on the Platform, abuse of the Platform functions (e.g., spamming or offensive notices etc.), and also in case these Users’ actions infringe ethical norms. The limits of the ethical norms are established by the Platform Owner itself. Platform itself specifies the procedure of displaying service providers’ services in different categories of services/products depending on their location, alphabetical order or the rating on the Platform. Platform provides Users the data of Platform Partners. Users may use Partners’ services based on bilateral agreement between the Partner and the User. The Platform is not an intermediary and is not responsible for the effects of these relations between the Partner and the User. Platform may change, reject or delete a rating or feedback of a User at its own discretion. , who have accepted as service providers, are customers of the offered service/product, and all the requirements of the service customer/product buyer apply to them according to the local legislation of the region where the service is provided/product is purchased. In turn, all the requirements to a contractor of the service/product service provider apply to the service/product service provider, who placed a public offer on the Platform, according to the existing local legislation of the region where the service is provided/product is purchased.


Platform owner, its executives, directors, employees, representatives, subsidiaries, affiliated persons, distributors, affiliate distributors, licensees, agents and other persons, engaged in creating, sponsoring, promoting and doing any other activity designed to support and maintain the Platform, are not liable under the law for (1) the penalties, direct, indirect and subsequent losses and damages, any production losses, lost profits, lower income, failure to enter a contract, loss or damage to business reputation, and non-fulfilment of claims for damages, (2) inaccuracy, related to the service provider’s information, placed on the Platform, (3) services or products, offered by the service provider or Partners, (4) any (direct, indirect, subsequent or penalty) losses, damages or expenses, incurred, accepted or paid by you and arising out of or in connection with the use, impossibility to use or a break in the Platform operations or (5) (personal) bodily injuries, death, property damage or other (direct, indirect, subsequent or penalty) losses, damages or expenses, incurred, accepted or paid by you due to (legal) actions, errors, violations, negligence, deliberate illegal actions, omissions, non-performance, incorrect interpretation, violations of law or absolute liability (fully or partially) of the service provider or any other Partners (including their employees, directors, executives, agents, representatives or affiliated companies), whose products or services (directly or indirectly) are available, offered or promoted on or through the Platform, including any (partial) cancelation, overbooking, strike, force-majeure or any other events that are out of the Platform owner’s control. Platform owner does not act as a formal seller or products or services, offered on the Platform. photographs/images on the Platform Users and Partners guarantee and agree that they are copyright holders to these photographs/images, and agree that the Platform can use downloaded photographs/images of its website and in mobile applications, in promotion materials and publications (placed online and offline), as well as in any other way at the Platform owner discretion. downloading photographs/images, the person, downloading the photograph(s), assumes full legal and moral responsibility for all and any legal claims from third parties (including but not limited to the owners of the sites), due to the publications and the use of these photographs/images by the Platform. Platform is not the owner of the downloaded photographs/images and does not give any approvals to use them. The User who downloaded photographs/images, not the Platform, takes the responsibility for reliability, validity and the title to use them. User, who downloaded photographs, also guarantees that photographs/images do not contain viruses, Trojan programs or files, infected with viruses, as well as do not contain any pornographic, illegal, obscene, offensive, inacceptable or inappropriate materials and do not infringe any third person’s rights (intellectual property rights, copyright or privacy right). Any photographs/images, which do not meet the above criteria, may be deleted by the Platform at any time and without any prior notice. Platform owner is not liable for the content of the personal correspondence messages between Users, their comments, feedback and ratings, given on the Platform. Platform will put all its reasonable efforts to eliminate any failures and errors in the mobile application functioning. Nevertheless, the Platform does not guarantee complete absence of errors and failures when booking services/products and communication between Users and with Partners, and reserves the right to temporarily suspend due to technical reasons the Platform operations to remove any detected failures in operation.


otherwise provided herein, all the software, required to provide service and/or used on the Platform, and the intellectual property rights (including copyright and related rights) to the content, information and materials, placed on the Platform, are owned by RENOVACIO LLC, its service providers or providers.


the extent permitted by law, these rules and conditions, and the provision of our services are governed and subjected to the interpretation according to the legislation of the Ukraine. All disputes, arising out of common rules and conditions and provided Platform services, are subject to the consideration only in the competent courts of the Ukraine. original English version of these rules and conditions may be translated into other languages. The translated version is unofficial and internal translation, and Users may not claim any rights relying on the translated version of these rules and conditions. In case of any disputes regarding the information content or about the interpretation of these rules and conditions, and in case of any disagreements or discrepancies between the English version and any other language version of these rules and conditions, the English version in compliance with the law shall in use, prevail and be conclusive. The English version of these rules and conditions is available on the Platform, and also be sent upon a written request. Platform owner is entitled to change, shorten and amend this Agreement in any part at any time unilaterally. The amended Agreement shall become effective on the day following the day of placing the text on the Platform.